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 Gerolstein Bf
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 Gerolstein Basalt Awanst
 Birresborn Bf
 Muerlenbach Hp
 Densborn Bf
 Usch-Zendscheid Hp
 St. Thomas Bf
 Kyllburg Bf
 Bitburg-Erdorf Bf
 Huettingen Hp
 Philippsheim Bf
 Speicher Bf
 Auw an der Kyll Bf
 Daufenbach Bf
 Kordel Bf
 Ehrang Bf
 Pfalzel Hp
 Trier Hbf Bf

 Kyllburger Tunnel
 Wilsecker Tunnel
 Mettericher Tunnel
 Philippsheimer Tunnel
 Loskyller Tunnel
 Heinzkyller Tunnel
 Kyller Tunnel

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Kordel Bf

Kordel, Photo 1
Still life at Kordel: shunting signal 1II, camera for observing the crossing, exit signal pylon from P2 with Zs1 and telephone.

Kordel, Photo 2
Station building and platforms.

Kordel, Photo 3
Former fright area: long ago no tracks.

Kordel, Photo 4
This repeater is now standing at km 157,545 but was displaced from the fundament you can see in the foreground down left.

Kordel, Photo 5
the reason was the installation of the second repeater at km 157,640.

Kordel, Photo 6
The third track was here.

updated: February 23rd 2005
created: June 23rd 2004