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Bitburg-Erdorf Bf

Bitburg-Erdorf, Photo 1
The crossing and the signal box "Erf". No staff is working there anymore. The signal box is remote controlled from Kyllburg.

Bitburg-Erdorf, Photo 2
The station building includes gastronomy.

Bitburg-Erdorf, Photo 3
A railcar "VT644" is drawing nearer, appearing from Gerolstein...

Bitburg-Erdorf, Photo 4
... and stopping on platform 2.

Bitburg-Erdorf, Photo 5
Another "VT644" is coming from the opposite direction. On the right, the platform with the tracks 4 and 5 were there long ago. "You are connected to the Nims-Sauertal-Bahn, stopping at Bitburg Stadt, Wolsfeld, Irrel, Ralingen, Wintersdorf nach Trier" said the station master at that time.

Bitburg-Erdorf, Photo 6
There is still a track in front of the goods shed, but it is not in use anymore.

Bitburg-Erdorf, Photo 7

Towards Trier, you find an old ramp. It had an own track.

Bitburg-Erdorf, Photo 8
View to the station building, aside the distant signal repeaters Wvp41 and Wvp42.

Bitburg-Erdorf, Photo 9
Exit signals towards Trier and Bitburg Stadt (on the right, without speed signal Zs3, but direction signal Zs2).

Bitburg-Erdorf, Photo 10
The southern signal box is nowadays a house to live. The sign marks the border between the tracks of German Railways and the private track to Bitburg Town.

Bitburg-Erdorf, Photo 11
It is the former Nims Sauertal route, leading only to Bitburg Town nowadays.

updated: April 30th 2005
created: June 23rd 2004