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 Heinzkyller Tunnel
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Daufenbach Bf

Daufenbach, Photo 1
View towards Gerolstein.

Daufenbach, Photo 2
View towards Trier. On the right distant signal repeater for exit signal N3. "3" means, that there were two further tracks, 1 and 2. But currently there is only one track left, with signals N2 and P2.

Daufenbach, Photo 3
Station building with signal box in front. Track 1 was maybe at the place, where the silver coloured cars are parking. It had a junction to the dead end track for the freight shed, which is on the right to the station building. You can see clearly the ramp and the gate.

Daufenbach, Photo 4
Backwards there are further details of the former goods station.

Daufenbach, Photo 5
View from the main road to the station building.

Daufenbach, Photo 6

Gave not the name to the village: the 'Grundsgraben' flows directly near the station into the river Kyll.

Daufenbach, Photo 7
Another relictic possibility for loading goods to the train: the building is coloured yellow and by now a dwelling house, but also had a dead end track and an own ramp.

Daufenbach, Photo 8

The shrubbery is growing, where track 1 was before. In the background there was junction 3.

updated: February 23rd 2005
created: June 23rd 2004